We help companies prioritize what customers value to make better business decisions.

In a user-friendly platform, we use AI to enhance unbiased and customer-led conversations, then spotlight what customers really value to enable you to test strategies safely before making big moves.

Trusted by top brands

Companies struggle to understand what customers value.
We fix that.

What makes us different?

  • Actionability: Know where to focus to have the best results possible.
  • Unbiased customer-led insights
  • Continuity: Constant tracking, historically comparable.
  • Efficiency: Less time, less money, less effort.

Worthix supports executive alignment, strategies, and investment priorities for any team.

See how Worthix can help each area to deliver more customer value.

Strategy: Align your strategy


Design robust strategies using Worthix as your blueprint. We give you clear data on where and how to invest time, money, and resources with the highest return.

Strategic Planning

SWOT Analysis

Competitive Landscape

Marketing: Build brand attributes that resonate


Make Customer Value the foundation of your marketing strategies. Understand your customers' perception of your Social Proof and Brand Identification to build messaging and brand attributes that resonate with your customers.

Branding and Advertisement

Segmentation Analysis

Marketing Planning and ROI

Innovation: Stay ahead of the trend


Use Customer Value as your innovation compass and innovate alongside your customers. Detect unmet value and increase the chances of adoption for your innovations.

Customer-led innovation

Incremental and Disruptive innovation

Prioritize investments in what customers value the most

Product: Build valuable customer-centric products


Continuously track value perceptions of your product and adapt accordingly. Use Customer Value as the starting point to build successful products.

Product features assessment

Value perception in each segment

R&D prioritization

Insights & CX: VoC with real conversations


Traditional VoC surveys can lead to internal bias and blind spots. We extract value perceptions from real conversations and reveal what is driving your customers’ decisions.

Augment your VoC program

Customer profiling and segmentation

Qualitative insights at quantitative scale

Customer Value Alignment Cycle

Track. Act. Innovate. Repeat.

We are trusted by CMOs, CEOs and top executives of some of the world’s largest companies to identify their highest value opportunities for investment.

On our first Worthix survey we were able to increase our response rates by 300% and increase our data confidence level to 96.4%. In our previous methodologies we were always flooded with the same results without knowing what was really impacting our attendees’ experiences. Worthix results were impressively accurate and we never even had to design a survey.

Alexandra Ames
Marketing Director – TechCrunch