Change comes fast.
Make sure you're faster.
Measure customer decisions at the speed of change

The world’s first Cognitive Dialogue Technology

There’s no more room for one-size-fits-all experiences or surveys

Thousands of customers?
Multiple locations?
Diverse cultures and languages?

You need a platform that can dialogue with each of your customers individually and adapt to what they want to talk about


Money follows customer decisions – that’s what Worthix measures​

At this very moment, your competitors are out there fighting to replace you as your customer’s number one choice.

Our technology was scientifically designed to tell you which experiences impact customers’ decision to buy from you – or not.

There are too many experiences and competitors influencing what makes you worth it to your customers

Our dialogues measure how your customers perceive your strengths and weaknesses relative to your competitors – without asking

‘Happy’ and ‘sad’ are not the main emotions impacting sales and loyalty​

Behind every decision is your customer’s need to identify with your brand and get the approval of those they admire.

Worthix uncovers the emotional drivers of the decision-making process, allowing you to build a strong connection with your customer’s values.

Multiple teams, fragmented metrics and technologies —​ and very often, conflicting views of what customers need

Organizations all over the globe struggle to get their personnel, their teams and their agendas on the same page, and decide where to prioritize investments.​

But the reality of the market is that customers make decisions based on their individual perceptions of value, despite your internal agreements or disagreements. They hold the key when it comes to your business.​

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