We help companies prioritize what customers value

To make better business decisions and close the gap between what customers value and what companies offer.

Companies struggle to understand customers' decisions and deliver on it

We fix that in a
user-friendly platform

  • Built upon unbiased, customer-led conversations, enhanced by AI
  • Streamlined analysis, spotlighting what customers really value
  • Enabling you to test strategis safely before making big moves

Worthix allows for internal buy-in backed by data, empowering you to deliver what customers value the most.

What makes us different?

  • Actionability: Know where to focus to have the best results possible
  • Unbiased customer-led insights
  • Continuity: Constant tracking, historically comparable
  • Efficiency: Less time, less money, less effort

Customer Value Influencers

Internal and External influencers affect customers’ decision on expenditure and loyalty

  • Internal (factors that are controlled by the company such as customer service, branding, delivery time, etc.)
  • External (factors that are outside the company’s control such as economy, politics, climate, culture, etc.)
Customer Value Alignment​

We are the world’s first
Customer Value Alignment platform

Customer Value is the ultimate factor behind customers’ decisions of expenditure and loyalty. But there is often a gap between customers’ perception of value and the value a company delivers.


Drive business results with low cost and risk

Expedite Innovation: Detect unmet Customer Value and increase the success of product and service innovation for all customer segments.

Segment Leadership: Find the best strategic positioning for products and services by mapping out your competitive landscape, pinpointing opportunities, and threats.

Focus on growth: Influence sales initiatives and growth consistency by finding the connection between your KPIs and Customer Value.

Break down silos: Maximize the success of your strategies by aligning your product, marketing, sales, advertising, and branding initiatives to a shared Customer Value.

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Prioritize what customers value and make better business decisions