About Us


Worthix’s mission is to easily measure people’s experiences and explain their unique expectations and behaviors at scale.

Our vision is to create a more empathetic world by helping organizations discover and improve their worth through listening to and understanding everyone, everywhere.


Worthix was founded in San Francisco in 2015 by Guilherme Cerqueira, a serial entrepreneur, market researcher and ESOMAR member with 20+ years of experience under his belt.

In early 2016, Worthix was selected for 500 Startups, considered to be one of the best accelerators in the world. At 500 Startups, Worthix joined ranks with Credit Karma, Behance, Twilio and other billion-dollar companies. When we moved our headquarters to Atlanta in 2017, we were selected as a Signature Company at ATDC-Georgia Tech, named by Forbes as one of the accelerators that are changing the world. In 2019, Guilherme Cerqueira became an Endeavor Entrepreneur at ISP87. Worthix’ roots in the Silicon Valley paved the way to it becoming the first customer survey tech company with built-in Artificial Intelligence. As our value proposition matured, we carved out a new category that more accurately represents Worthix’s value.

We defined our new category as Conversation-based Customer Decision Intelligence. This combines business intelligence with high scalability through advanced conversation-based AI technology. As a company that provides understanding of customer decisions, we are continuously fulfilling our mission of helping companies Lead Through Empathy.