About Us


Worthix was founded in San Francisco in 2015 by Guilherme Cerqueira, a serial entrepreneur, market researcher and ESOMAR member with +19 years of experience under his belt. 

Worthix’ roots in the Silicon Valley paved the way to it becoming the first customer survey tech company that has built-in Artificial Intelligence. This creates a technologically advanced SaaS platform that can scientifically pinpoint the cause behind customer motivations and decisions. 

In early 2016, Worthix was selected for 500 Startups, considered to be one of the best accelerators in the world. At 500 Startups, Worthix joined ranks with Credit Karma, Behance, Twilio and other billion-dollar companies. Worthix is also a Signature Company at ATDC-GeorgiaTech, named by Forbes as one of the accelerators that are changing the world. 

In 2019, Guilherme Cerqueira became an Endeavor Entrepreneur at ISP87.


Worthix was born into the Experience where customers are the backbone, and customer centricity is the soul of every company.

Innovation is our core and we believe in welding technology to bring companies and customers together. Our purpose is to use cutting edge mathematical models and Artificial Intelligence to extract actionable, relevant, and easy-to-understand insight straight from your customers’ minds. 

Surprisingly, today’s market still relies on what is essentially a digital version of old-school pen and paper survey methodologies. Companies have been measuring the same thing in the same way for decades. But in the Customer Experience economy era, the tools of the past alone are no longer able to track what people consider value, much less keep up with the speed of change in customer expectations. 

We help companies understand their worth and keep their value propositions updated. Our challenge is to take on this market with technologies tailored to tap into customers’ decision-making process, capture the voice of customer and harness raw, unbiased insight that delivers a clear portrait of what value means to customers. 

We are contributing toward the future of business where comprehension barriers between companies and customers no longer exist. A future where companies are equipped with direct, equitable access to customer expectations and decision processes.

We’re creating more empathetic companies by showing them how to provide the precise experiences that will woo their customers, motivating them to buy, re-buy and stay loyal. And since numbers dictate the market, metrics must be able to drive the bottom line. By deciphering what motivates buying decisions, our technology has the power to correlate positive and negative customer experiences with financial results.