is it still worth it?

While this retail holiday has lost a lot of its clout in the past few years, many retailers still wonder if it’s still worth it to put on the (in)famous sales event. But perhaps the more important question is, is it still worth it to customers?

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In this paper, we hope we can shine some light on the best option for your organization and your customers. 


Will Black Friday be another victim of the COVID-19 pandemic?

The first thing you must ask yourself is who’s effectively buying from you on Black Friday? Is it your best and most loyal customers, or is it a crowd that you don’t even market to, with slim to zero chances of up and cross-sell? Is putting your customers, staff and store through Black Friday truly worth it? 

In light of the global pandemic, it seems many companies are choosing to opt out. 

Black Friday
is it still worth it?