not surveys:
Using AI at the front end of VoC

There is a consensus in the market that artificial intelligence is the future of feedback technology. But standard VoC technology uses AI on the back end of platforms for analytics, dashboards, and reporting -- overlooking a huge opportunity to improve the feedback experience. What if you have AI in the front end as well, stimulating conversations with customers – not interrogations?

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In this webinar, Worthix CMO Mary Drumond will go over
how AI enables you to extract a deeper, more meaningful layer of intelligence from VoC feedback.

Conversation-based intelligence gives you a clear picture of the perceptions that are affecting your customers’ decision to buy from you or not.

This will allow you to channel your investments and resources towards the experiences that are most likely to impact churn and loyalty.  


Not surveys, conversations:
Using AI at the front end of VoC