What do shoppers really care about? Safety? Bargains? Convenience?

Worthix tells you what matters most to your shoppers, no matter the market.

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Whether it’s beating the rush of peak season or getting used to the new shopping norm, Worthix can tell you why customers are choosing you

What People Say About Us

Patricia Barroso

Brand Manager C&A Mexico
“Results from our first experience with Worthix were so insightful that we decided to grow our collaboration. The findings are helping us build our next years’ strategy focused on what our consumers expect from us to improve or do more.”

Industry-wide, historical data has become useless. It couldn’t keep up with the sudden shift in the market

Our dynamic customer dialogues are self-adaptive; they change with your customers so your data always stays relevant. 


What People Say About Us

David Python

Co-founder & CEO Cariuma

“We utilize Worthix to deeply understand where to invest and prioritize based on real customers’ detailed feedback on what drove their purchase, what they love about Cariuma, and also what we can improve to make their experience the best it can be. We are actively using our findings to make Cariuma as great as it can be, which is such an invaluable asset for a growing brand at our size and stage.”

Are you getting your shoppers’ recommendation, but not their money? Find out where that money is going, and why.

 Understand and improve your NPS fluctuations. Worthix provides you with actionable insights into how to increase your NPS and deliver better experiences for your customers. 

What People Say About Us

Estevan Sartoreli

CEO & Co-founder Dengo Chocolates
“We are very pleased to have Worthix as our first research partner. Now we have our delicious, environmentally conscious chocolate alongside Customer Decision Intelligence which allows us to understand our customers’ needs in a rapid and precise manner.”

Where should you invest more – brick and mortar or online services?

We can tell you how to prioritize your resources, and which experiences to target for the highest impact on your bottom line. 


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