Worthix Proudly Unveils its biggest update yet with Worthix 3.0, the Customer Value Alignment Platform

NOVEMBER 01, 2022 @ 9 A.M. ET

Atlanta, GA – November 01, 2022 — During the past ~3 turbulent years, what customers perceive as value has been deeply affected by external factors such as the pandemic, inflation, war, and political turmoil.

Many companies have been operating blindly, wasting precious resources designing experiences that are meant to delight customers and keep them from leaving. However, at Worthix we’ve learned that good or bad experiences have no power to influence decisions of expenditure and loyalty if they’re disconnected from what value means to customers.

But now, tracking customer value is within your reach. We’re proud to introduce Worthix 3.0, the world’s first and only Customer Value Alignment Platform.

Our new platform will empower you to become the Customer Value Authority, driving innovation and value alignment inside your organization so it can perpetually thrive despite market changes and turbulence.

Introducing Worthix 3.0 – The Customer Value Alignment Platform

The Worthix platform will now operate under a continuous Customer Value Alignment cycle that is divided into three stages: 

    • Track Value – We use our conversational AI, LUCI to continuously track customer value through scalable one-on-one conversations. Our advanced mathematical models then extract how perceived customer value contributes to your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (Customer Value SWOT). 
    • Find Actionability – By combining conversational data with metadata, we pinpoint where value is expected and how it relates to customer expenditure and loyalty. 
    • Co-create Innovation – We empower companies to co-create innovation alongside customers to precisely deliver on what customers value and maximize ROI.

We love hearing you say that Worthix is constantly at the forefront of intelligence and technology.To us, staying ahead is the result of carefully considering your pains, needs, and improvement suggestions. Arming you with the intelligence and technology you need to succeed is the fuel we used to build the best version of Worthix to date. 

Here is what we’ve added: 

  • Customer Value Alignment Cycle: Worthix now operates under the aforementioned three-step methodology. 
  • Worth Index: We are changing from a -100 to 100 scale to a more intuitive 0 to 100 scale.  
  • Customer Value SWOT bar: We’ve replaced the decision drivers with a more business-oriented dashboard where all conversations build a single bar displaying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 
  • 5 Ps of Marketing (Marketing Mix Model): The AI categorization methodology behind Macros, Cores, and Micros was improved and replaced by a non-hierarchical categorization of Themes, Mediums, and Perceptions. Themes are organized by the 5 Ps of marketing, making it more connected to the way your business operates. 
  • Actionability Explorer: The external Worthix toolkit, previously known as “Experience Explorer,” is now incorporated into the customer Value Alignment Cycle. Now you can easily connect all of LUCI’s conversations with your customers’ metadata and see the best opportunities for action. 
  • Co-create Innovation: The feature previously known as “Innovation Test”, is also incorporated into the Customer Value Alignment Cycle, empowering you to continuously co-create value alongside your customers before implementing it. 
  • Tableau and MS Power BI integrations: We’ve improved Worthix’s ability to connect to these platforms so you can have more freedom to organize and share your Worthix results.  

For existing clients: 

The dashboard updates for Worthix 3.0 are set to release in beta mode on November 7th. Over the next few days, you will be contacted by your account executive to learn how you can make the most of the Worthix 3.0 platform and to answer any questions you may have. 

We’re excited about what the future holds and look forward to delivering the technology you need to close the gap between what your customers perceive as value and the value your business delivers.

About Worthix

We are the first Customer Value Alignment Platform in the world. We empower sustained growth by tracking customer value, and helping you find the best opportunities to act, innovate, and deliver it.  

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