UGA + Worthix Paper


At the beginning of the COVID-19 Crisis, the Masters of Marketing Research (MMR) Program at the University of Georgia and Worthix partnered to launch the “Everything Starts and Ends with the Customer” research program.

eBooks + ePapers

The Customer Decision Loop

A deep dive into customers’ decision-making process, broken down into 5 steps. 


Customer Decision Intelligence

A guide to understanding and leveraging customer perceptions to shape decisions. 


Companies Leading Through Empathy

Learn from the pros and see how industry leaders use empathy as a growth tool. 

CX Glossary

Whether you’re new to Customer Experience or need a refresher on the terminology, the CX Glossary has everything you need to master CX.  

Black Friday: Is It Worth It?

Will Black Friday be another victim of the COVID-19 pandemic? In this ePaper, we hope we can shine some light on if it’s worth it for your organization to participate.

CX + Branding: Why Experience Isn’t a One Department Job

The key to optimizing your customer experience is creating consistent strategies across cx, marketing, and branding.   

5 Steps to Implement CX In Your Company

A framework for implementing CX within your company, and how to deliver experiences that your customers expect. 

Which Is Your CX Priority: Satisfied Customers or Profits?

A guide to prioritizing the right goals and metrics to increase both customer-centricity and your bottom-line profits.


Socratic Webinar

The top voices of CX come together to dive deep into the future of customer experience, from CX growth strategies to work models. 

How Expectations Affect Customer Experience

Everything starts and ends with the customer. And for the customer, everything rests on expectations. These expectations can affect how they experience your brand. 

The ROI of Customer Experience

During this webinar, we’ll discuss whether there is ROI in CX, how to measure it, and how to leverage that data.

Empathetic AI Webinar

In this webinar, Worthix CMO Mary Drumond will uncover how AI and empathy walk hand-in-hand to change the way companies can talk to and understand their customers.  

Front-end AI Webinar

As it stands, AI’s capabilities are underutilized in VoC. The trick to reaching the full potential is to bring AI from the back-end to the front-end. 

the violence of the experience economy

The experience economy is among the most violent economies in the history of capitalism. Is your company ready to face it?

Lead Through Empathy

Empathy in Hospitality

In our first installment in the Lead Through Empathy series, we talk to hospitality experts about how to operationalize empathy to deliver for the guests of today and prepare for the guest of the future.

Industry Interviews

A Deep Dive Into Patient Experience

Dr. Miguel Cendoroglo, MD, PhD, AMP of HIAE and Worthix CMO Mary Drumond discuss tangible steps to optimize patient experience during times of crisis and beyond.